Pre-school Program

Early Learning Centres engage our services to teach Mandarin Chinese to 3-5 year old children.

We currently teach pre-school programs at Goodstart Bondi Junction North Centre, Goodstart Bondi Junction South Centre, Goodstart Bondi Junction West Centre, Greenwood Macquarie Park Centre, Oz Education Miranda Centre, Oz Education Putney Centre, and Oz Education Alexandria Centre.

We work closely with the centres to develop teaching programs catered to children’s needs and interests. See a sample program here.

We provide qualified Mandarin Chinese teachers to Early Learning Centres and help them to:

  • Improve Accreditation Rating for Quality Areas 1, 4 and 6, by enriching children’s learning and development in relation to their identity, connection with community; increasing educator-student ratios; and collaborative partnership with other service providers.
  • Improve Learning Outcomes 1, 2 and 5, by building children’s sense of identity, connection to the Chinese community, understanding of diversity and become more effective communicators through learning another language.
  • Reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs through contractual guarantee of staff availability. Should a particular educator leave, we will immediately replace her/him with another educator. There is also no recruitment fee for using our educators, which would save on average $15,000 of recruitment fee per year per centre;
  • Save on average 11% in salary costs by removing employee on-costs such as sick leave, workers’ compensation insurance and payroll tax;
  • Increase the number of university-qualified educators as all of our educators have Bachelor of Education and/or Master of Teaching;
  • Differentiate from competitors and increase centre enrolment numbers by attracting families of Chinese / Asian background and those who are interested for their children to learn Chinese. Our educator would introduce a Chinese language and culture program to the centre, ranging from weekly 30-minute sessions to full immersion programs.
  • Better engage Chinese children and families and help Chinese children who are new to Australia develop their confidence and English skills.