Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Extra-curricular Program

Enrolment and Payment:

  • Is enrolment confirmed upon completing the enrolment / re-enrolment form? If payment was processed successfully then  your enrolment is confirmed, unless the enrolment form indicates the class is full or if you are advised otherwise. If you did not pay online and prefer to pay by bank transfer or cash, enrolment will only be confirmed once payment is received.
  • How much are the fees and how to enrol and pay: Fees are shown on the enrolment / re-enrolment form. Complete the form to enrol / re-enrol and pay online via the enrolment / re-enrolment form. Alternatively, you can pay by cash to the class teacher or by bank transfer to BSB Number: 302162, Account Number:  0447941, Account Name: ChiFUNese, Bank: BankWest. We do not accept payment by cheque.
  • Can I enrol mid term? Yes, unless the class is full as indicated on the enrolment form, in which case you can join the waiting list by selecting that option on the enrolment form.
  • Can I enrol and pay for multiple terms? Yes, you can enrol and pay for multiple terms and get a discount – 10% discount for 2 terms, 15% discount for 3 terms, 20% discount for 4 terms.
  • Do you provide a refund if my child discontinues the program mid-term? We do not provide a refund for mid-term withdraws. However we are happy to roll over your credit for future re-enrolment.
  • Can we do a trial lesson first? Yes, you are welcome to have a trial lesson. Please email to book a trial lesson. You can pay for the trial lesson after you enrol. However, if you do not enrol, then you don’t have to pay for the trial.


Class and Learning:


Pick Up and Drop Off:

  • For before-school class, can your teacher drop off my child at their regular classroom after ChiFUNese? Normally, students can go to their regular classroom by themselves after ChiFUNese. But if you require our teacher to take them, please request this by emailing
  • For after-school class, can your teacher pick up my child from their regular classroom before ChiFUNese? Normally, students come to ChiFUNese classroom by themselves. But if you require our teacher to pick them up, please request this by emailing If it’s their first lesson with ChiFUNese it is advisable that you or another family member or their school teacher take them to our class.
  • My child attends OOSH (before or after-school care), can your teacher pick up my child from OOSH to go to ChiFUNese and then take them back to OOSH after class? Yes, please request this by emailing


Learning Materials:

  • When do I receive the learning materials? After we receive payment, we’ll notify the teacher to give your child the learning materials at the next class.
  • I have paid but still haven’t received the learning materials, what do I do? Please email
  • How do we use the learning materials? Textbooks – bring to class and read at home before and after class; workbook – in-class exercises and homework; song CDs – listen to and sing along with at home; Better Chinese Online – homework and extension; water calligraphy – practise writing characters at home.



  • Who do I contact for program / class enquiry (e.g. clarify homework details), absence notification and feedback on my child’s progress? Speak to the teacher before/after-class or email with Subject “Attn: Teachers’ Name – enquiry summary” e.g. “Attn Tiffany – homework clarification”. For urgent matters, you can call the teacher on their mobile phone, which is shown on the class schedule.
  • Who do I contact for enrolment, billing, general enquiries? Email For urgent matters, you can call the Administrator. See contact details here.
  • Who do I contact to give feedback or suggestions? Email The administrator will forward your feedback or complaint to management and the operations manager will contact you shortly. For urgent matters, you can call the Operations Manager. See contact details here.


Other Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I get feedback on my child’s progress? You will receive student progress reports bi-annually at the end of term 2 and term 4. You will also be invited to parent-teacher meetings in terms 1 and 3.
  • Do you provide refund / credit for missed classes? We do not provide refund or credit if your child was absent from class. The teacher will email you about how to catch up for the missed lesson. However, if a class was cancelled by us or by the school, we will provide you a refund or credit.
  • Do you run holiday programs? Yes, see